Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homemade Millionaire on TLC

Wow! So, almost exactly one year ago I flew to Chicago for a chance to get my idea in front of some important people. I had no way of knowing just how much that 24 hr. whirlwind of a trip would change so many things in my life. It looks like "Homemade Millionaire" is finally going to air later this summer and I can't wait!

While my product and I were not selected to be part of the show, I will be forever grateful for the experience and for the folks I have met subsequently. If it were not for that trip I would never have met so many fabulous women inventors, many of whom I have become very close friends with - you know who you are! I would not have reconnected with a dear friend, Beverly Clark, who happens to be a bestselling author and incredible business woman with an empire of wedding accessories - before the Knot - there was Beverly Clark, she started it! I am now working closely with her on some very exciting projects. If it were not for that trip, it's doubtful I would have ever created an account on Twitter (I'm @GrimeOut) or here blogging and trying to exercise my writing muscles!

That single take-a-shot experience has led to so many other incredible experiences, like meeting and building relationships with the likes of John Cremeans aka the "Doctor of Shopology", who is now working with Kevin Harrington, aka the Original Infomercial King and Shark Tank fame on the newly created Military Shopping Channel!

I found out about the Milojo audition completely by accident and can't help but use the analogy of tossing a small rock into a pond... the ripples are definitely getting bigger!

Thank you Kelly Ripa et al! Best of luck to all of the ladies!!