Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Skin Care Offer From Beverly Clark

Available to first 300 people only! Full system retails for $293 - You pay only $149.00 (plus $8.00 S&H)!

My great friend, Beverly Clark, author of #1 Bestseller “Planning A Wedding To Remember”, Owner/Founder Beverly Clark Diamonds & Bio-Basics Skincare is making a generous offer! Her skincare line, currently offered to the medical community, is being repackaged for launch into a high-end department store early next year.

While the packaging is being redesigned to reflect Beverly’s personal style, there is a small surplus of product that she is offering at better than wholesale prices!

This offer includes the following 3 month supply for $149.00 (plus $8.00 shipping and handling):

Cleansing Gel Retail Price: $25
HPH Facial Toner $35
Eye Renewal Day Gel $35
Bio-Balanced Moisturizing Crème $35
Renewal Essence Night Gel $35
Eye Intensive Night Gel $70

TOTAL: $235


Bio-Energy Repair Factor Serum (1) $18
Bio-Repair Body Lotion $40

Grand Total: $293

Performance Ingredients
Superior New Formula

The superiority of Bio-BasicsTM skin care products over high-end French products for making skin look youthful and fresh is evident in Bio-BasicsTM unique technology and premium ingredients. Bio-BasicsTM products promote regeneration of skin by working at the genetic, cellular and tissue levels. Highly effective and active cellular growth factors produced by an innovative high-tech method significantly aid skin in becoming healthier, clearer and more supple than ever before. Bio-BasicsTM products repair damaged skin, delay the formation of wrinkles, improve microcirculation, and prevent aging. Also, Bio-BasicsTM products' ability to restrain pigmentation gives skin a healthy, firm glow and establishes them as cutting edge products.

Based on Nobel Prize Winning Technology

Medical and cosmetic companies around the world quickly took advantage of cellular growth factors after they were discovered in the eighties. So notable was the discovery of cell growth factors that the scientists who discovered them were honored with a Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, many cosmetic companies only use trace elements of cellular growth factor, some herbal extracts and hot spring water in their products. With sub-par ingredients, their products only affect the skin's surface. But for effective skin revitalization, a product must go beyond the surface.

Skin Repair Expert

Bio-BasicsTM products go well beyond the surface. Quality ingredients and highly specialized emulsification techniques were especially developed to enable Bio-BasicsTM products to deeply penetrate cells and revitalize the skin. Bio-BasicsTM products' ability to quickly, safely and deeply penetrate skin cells for a youthful and healthy look makes them the premier products with Bio-BasicsTM hailed internationally as the "skin repair expert."

Bio-Basics Five Factor

Traditional factor products have only ever contained one factor, however, Bio-Basics contains five! It is well known that one kind of biological factor can only effect one type of target cell. Conversely, the five types of biological factors only need to be allocated correctly according to needs and they will attain a synergistic effect. The five factors efficacy is 30 to 100 times the efficacy of only one element. The five factors in Bio-Basics are combined to the same density at which they existed in a new born child. This density of the factors allows that Bio-Basics Products will provide the most effective results.


Human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, hbFGF, This polypeptide cell factor helps restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. It strengthens the elasticity of skin and helps restore the natural color and moisture in the skin.

It helps accelerate the conversion of collagen protein to collagen fiber, elastic protein to elastic fiber.


Human Epidermal Growth Factor, hEFG, contains 53 amino acids with fragmented foundations, this stimulates the cells of the epidermis, resulting in growth of fiber cells, has been shown to increase the thickness of the skin. Stimulates and restores epidermis through strengthening the skin to resist the damaging environmental factors. Improves skins resistance to ward off possible damage caused by environment and aging process. It triggers the skin, thus easing and minimizing unwanted wrinkles.


Human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, hVEGF, Brings nutrients and nourishment to the skin which add a youthful healthy looking glow to skin.


Human Fiber Growth Factor, hNGF, Improves skins resistance to ward off possible damage caused by environment and aging process. It triggers the skin, thus easing and minimizing unwanted wrinkles.


Melanin Inhibit Factor, MIF, Restores skin to its natural PH balance. It reduces the visible look of melanin deposits in the skin. Rejuvenates and invigorates skin by giving it a healthy youthful looking glow.


Please make checks payable to Beverly Clark Skin Care. Be sure to include Drivers License # and expiration on check.*


114 E. Haley St., Suite K
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

*Returned checks will be subject to bank charges.




  1. Great offer. I am going to tell this to my wife. She will be amazed!

  2. Thank you! It really is incredible stuff! Enjoy~