Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling All Angels

I have known Lisa Charleston (aka @CaringMom), Inventor of Night Helper Watches virtually for approximately one year. I have witnessed, and felt personally, her loyal support and words of kindness. This is my way of trying to help draw attention to her wonderful product and maybe, just maybe even attract an Angel Investor...

Lisa, along with her husband Carl, created and designed three specific styles of Night Helper. Two of the watches are designed for young children for the specific purpose of eliminating the fear and shame associated with bed-wetting. A third style is designed for adults dealing with incontinence, and also to aid in scheduling for tasks such as medication delivery or other timed medical procedures. Night Helper Watches will ultimately provide the wearer with confidence and a renewed sense of independence.

Having worked many years in the hospice and home care settings, Lisa grew to love her patients and cared for them as if they were family. Sadly, an injury took her away from the medical field.

While Lisa and her family have continued their journey to bring Night Helper Watches to the manufacturing stage, fees for production models have been quoted at $10,000. They have been the Night Helper Watches first monetary investors, and are now looking for an Angel Investor or other source of capital.

If you or someone you know may be able to help, please contact Lisa directly through her website http://nighthelperwatches.com

Thank you!


  1. Thanks Jen for this post on me and my product! I'm so delighted and truly Grateful for all your support. When I saw your post on twitter and here "Calling On All Angel's..I thought about the movie "PAY IT FORWARD"! You have given me more hope to move forward. No matter what I've been through these last couple of months. I still have friends like you who encourages me to move forward toward making many kids incontinent free Dreams Come True!

    Thank you my friend.

    ~Hugs~ LisaLisa