Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Letter from Gram: This One's For You Clarky!

Another gem from Gram. If I haven't mentioned before, she worked as a bank teller for 25+ yrs. in Southern California. I will never understand why her brains and creativity did not take her beyond the bank...I have an idea though that she lacked self-confidence. She was not a very social creature and spent most of her free time with her sisters or playing cards with a handful of close friends.

Looks like this was written in February or March of 1982 and she did receive a lengthy response from Anne Higgins, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Correspondence.

"Dear Mr. President,

Re: A lot of things that are on my mind.

And you are dear, Mr. President Regan, I backed you 99 & 99/100%, even though I belong to the lower middle class. But I need to understand what to me is simple plain fact, glaring truths ignored, that leaves that 1/100% question in the forefront of my mind. I need an answer, desperately, to clear up that feeling of the Sword of Damascus hanging over the heads of the hard working tax payer.

I want to back your cuts, I planned on buying shorter belts to be sure I tightened mine. Then I read about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, (dollars earned by the sweat of our brow), going to pay expenses for three past presidents. These men DO NOT NEED this money. They have become, through their political offices, millionaires in their own right. there is no rhyme or reason to drain our tax money for their POSTAGE, for MOVING expenses, for an OFFICE they could relocate in one of the many rooms in one of their many residences. There should NOT be one penny spent on any of their libraries. Not one is a Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson. A pension? Alright, though not one put in the twenty years that is necessary for the work force to put in to get one.

I am appalled and disgusted at the large tax break voted for the congress that was slyly attached to the Black Lung Disease Bill. Another unnecessary drain on our tax dollars. I cannot say disillusioned because Watergate culminated my downing suspicions of our elected officials. These men are already overpaid and do not need this extra benefit. Where is the belt tightening for them? Their fringe benefits, supplied by our hard earned dollars, are already a laughing, though through tears, matter. We are paying for ROYAL EXTRAS we would consider ridiculous to require our employers to furnish for us.

Make your cuts if you must (none would be necessary if there was proper and prudent management of our money) but make your cuts in the funds given to and enlarged on by the very men who vote this largess for themselves. Cutting the funds designated for the elderly and handicapped is gross, cruel.

Our servicemen who fight our bloody battles deserve top priority. Stop trying to take away what little and few benefits are given to them and/or their families on their return to private life, or after a flag has been placed in the lap of a wife whose husband has given the ultimate. Leave the ones struggling alone. If your advisers are calling the shots then please bring your compassion into play.

I'm sick of all of you and don't want to vote for any of you. Junkets, hell! I hope those puffy faced, bulbous nosed representatives we are supposed to trust all throw up in the morning when they look at themselves in the mirror, providing they shave their own faces. It makes me want to throw up myself when I think that part of our taxes pay for the perk that provides a barber to powder their faces and blow dry their wigs.

Millions of foreign thieves and slashes for our helpless? I cannot, do not understand. The unfairness overwhelms me.

I had such faith in you and your dream, but that faith is wavering.

I am distrustfully, but sincerely,

Martha Dordigan"

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