Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Letter From Gram

In light of current events, I can't help but think of my beloved Gram and the letters she would no doubt be writing today! The folder I cherish holds all sorts of snippets, thoughts, poems and even some correspondence from the White House (circa Reagan era). This gem is typewritten in all caps on yellow legal pad paper, and even contains some white-out edits.

I only wish there were more!

I believe this went to the White House and the newspaper where she no doubt read it ~

"Now I have heard everything! The American Tax Payer is about to foot the bill for the Study of Lesbianism in Sea Gulls, YES, I said SEA GULLS. Does anyone really care!!! A group of persons playing expensive games, what in the hell will that prove? It's enough to make the over-taxed, hard working, average citizen's already high blood pressure soar out of the top of his head.

I work happily to take care of myself. There are no tax payer subsidized luxury fringe benefits provided, just the security that if I do my work with honesty and integrity, my employer will continue to give me the chance to carry my own load. The amount of money taken from my paycheck in state taxes, federal taxes, social security and other taxes, that I have no choice as to their fairness, leaves me just enough to live from paycheck to paycheck. Though frustrated, I try not to complain. Then I read your article on this proposed study.

I won't bore the politicians with a list of the people who desperately need support. They couldn't care less. the common sense, average taxpayer will know where that money really belongs and to whom.

It makes me wonder just which politician's relative is in charge of this grand endeavor. I will await with baited breath for the results, assuming of course, that there will be an itemized report.

Could it be planned that in the near future a like grant could be made for the study of how to relieve the tax burden from the shoulders of the middle class worker?

Wishing I could afford to sleep on satin sheets, but having to settle for cotton I am,


Martha Dordigan
Tax Payer"

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