Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Cyber Monday and I would like to celebrate my dear friend and fellow Woman Inventor Roberta Wagner!

It all started one evening around the dinner table when Roberta's nine year old daughter, Emily, said she wanted to bring her doll with them to New York for an upcoming day trip where they would make a traditional, special stop at the Amercian Girl Doll store. Roberta knew that once they left that store, she would then be stuck carrying Emily's doll. They looked and found other carriers on the market, however, none were hands-free, and walking through the busy streets of New York City makes holding hands with your children a must.

Roberta had a lightbulb moment and, being the creative person she is (her friends call her "Martha") whipped out her sewing machine and set to work making the first prototype of Carry-Her. On their next trip into the City, Emily used it to carry her doll and the response from people on the street was overwhelming. Twenty prototypes later, with Emily overseeing and assisting in the design process (the kid can sew too!) Carry-Her has been perfected and the word is spreading like wildfire.

Proudly manufactured in the US, Carry-Her Combos are flying out of the order fulfillment center aka Roberta's living room and into the arms of happy moms and girls all over the country!

Do yourself or someone you love a favor and get one today!!


  1. Jen,

    Thanks for posting this. I feel very blessed everyday to have you in my life.

    Yes, Carry-Her is selling like crazy-tis the season!! :)

    Having the support of my inventor gals makes it bittersweet. You all get hard it is to get your product out there. While others are supportive...they don't understand the challenges and obstacles we face everyday.

    The roller coaster is going up full speed. It has been up and down for two years. I know you'll be there for me on the way down after the holiday sales. Hopefully it will be a nice smooth ride from this point on.

    Big hug!!

  2. Hey Ro, sounds great. Wondering if you are considering retail distribution to scale your business even larger?

  3. So excited for you Ro VW Wagner! Hope you'll connect with my new friend Dom C. as I think he is a fantastic resource for all of us!

    Thanks Dom for all of your good thoughts and comments!

  4. Good Morning!!

    Dom, please email me - I would love to chat with you about the future of Carry-Her.

    Jen, thanks for the connection! :)

    Have a great day.