Thursday, November 18, 2010

TLC's Homemade Millionaire Rejects - They Razzle, They Dazzle!

On this the day before the BIG day we've all been waiting for, I wanted to spread some more casting call reject love to a few more ladies who ooze fabulousity (I heart Kimora Lee too).

This first gal, while I don't know her well, I can tell you she's like a bottle rocket wrapped in a stick of dynamite (not sure if this is possible, but you get the idea)- Kendra Kroll, Founder of Undercover Solutions, LLC and creator of the PortaPocket is a no BS, real as they come, go getter of a girl. Her product is another one of those "how cool is that" accessories that can be used by just about anyone. I am sure that we were in Chicago together, but I didn't meet her until a while later in Twitterland. She's had a ton of great press over the past couple of years (e.g., NBC's Today Show and Tonight Show with Jay Leno!) and you can now find PortaPocket on Chicago area CVS shelves! Kick Ass Kendra's not gonna let anything stand in her way!

This next lady is a wearer of many hats and a class act in every way. Cindy Mpasiakos, Founder of Pieces of Me by Cindy has created a product that I canont believe wasn't chosen for this show. I can absolutely visualize this as a viable addition to the HSN jewelry offerings. It is so unique, thoughtful and versatile! From sports fundraisers to family and friends, these beautiful puzzle piece charms are a perfect fit! (pun intended!) I think Cindy's story speaks for itself, so I've taken the liberty of sharing it.

"I am a stay at home mom with three children and a husband. I have my own decorating business called Serene Surroundings that I do from home. I came up with this idea when my son Joshua was looking through my jewelry box and found a rock. He said, "Can I keep this in my pocket so I can always have a piece of you with me." Later on that night, my daughter, Gabrielle was holding a picture of me under her pillow for the same reason. I thought it was so touching that they wanted to always have a part of me with them. I then started drawing pictures of ways that they and other kids could have a part of their loved ones and came up with "Pieces of Me by Cindy" puzzle charms."

I am so glad to know Cindy and can't wait to see where Pieces of Me is going...I've got a sneaking suspicion there are some BIG things in the pipeline. I know she lives not far from me and think we need to work on a Reject Reunion of sorts with the east coast ladies!

And there are many, many more:

Here's to the Rejects!


  1. Tonight is the big night!! We've all waited a long time for this show to air. Wishing each and every female inventor out there huge success!!

    Ladies let's rock!! :)

  2. So far a good show. The muffin wraps were a great idea. Imagine if the made a pie