Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dog's Gone Wild for Rotations Pet Food!

This is Cinnamon.  She may look demure in her pink feather boa channeling her inner "I believe in pink..." Audrey Hepburn, but don't be fooled.  Beneath the surface of that sweet Maltese face lies the fiery Scottish temper of a terrier (Cairn) bitch.  Anyone who owns a Cairn knows how they drive us mad by being so irresistibly cute, yet so aloof... If you've ever accidentally brushed an arm across the hind end of one sleeping on the back of the couch, you know what I'm talking about.

Cinnamon had the opportunity recently to sample Rotations Pet Food.  I will admit I didn't know much about holistic or all natural dog foods before now, and she seemed to be doing okay with the dry kibble from our local pet store.  She gets 1/2 a cup of food in the morning and 1/2 a cup in the evening.  Typically, it will stay in her dish for the better part of the morning and she'll just take a few pieces here and there to nibble on. 

When our rotational pack arrived (3 5lb. bags, 1 of each variety: Chicken and Brown Rice, New Zealand Lamb and Potato, and Wild Salmon with Peas and Carrots) I opened the Wild Salmon first and mixed several pieces of the kibble into what was still left in her dish from earlier in the day.  I kid you not- she took one sniff and immediately started rooting through the food picking out the Rotations kibble!  I liken it (not proudly) to the first time I let my kid eat a (NOT at all holistic) chicken nugget from McDonald's -she was instantly hooked.

By the third day I could say to Cinnamon "Where's your food?" 

By the end of the first week she had easily transitioned over to Rotations and now sits (and often lies) by her dish when she thinks it's time to eat!  There is no more grazing - the food disappears in short order. And check out that shiny coat!

A couple of things I noticed within the first three weeks of feeding Rotations were that her coat became (and still is) very soft and shiny, and she has definitely "filled out" a bit.  I actually feed her just a tad less than a cup a day so that she doesn't plump up like a ballpark frank!  We have also stopped buying expensive "treats" like bacon strips, etc. and now, when she's done something to deserve one (i.e., her business outside when it's 20 degrees), she gets a couple of pieces of kibble instead.

In light of recent dog food recalls, one by Proctor & Gamble, maker of big name IAMS and another by Advanced Animal Nutrition, maker of Dog Power dry dog food it seemed like the right time for a change.  I had no idea that many dog food manufacturers use rancid, or almost rancid meat in their food! What?!

I am happy to report that Rotations is one of the ONLY U.S. based manufacturers that peroxide value tests ALL meat used before it goes into their recipes to ensure with 100% certainty that it has not even begun to go bad.  This has to be one of the top reasons ROTATIONS® dog food feeds better and is liked by more dogs than most other meat-first all natural pet foods!

One of the coolest things about Rotations is that once your dog has transitioned over, you can feed them one or all of the three varieties at any time with no digestive upset.  It really is remarkable.  There's no rocket science involved, but if you follow these guidelines for transitioning you can't go wrong:

Day 1 & 2 - 25% ROTATIONS, 75% existing food
Day 2 & 3 - 50% ROTATIONS, 50% existing food
Day 4 & 5 - 75% ROTATIONS, 25% existing food
Day 6 - 100% ROTATIONS

Money Saving Note:  When you buy the Rotational Pack, you're getting 3 bags for the price of 2!

Why Rotate?  Here's a partial excerpt: 

"Once you have selected a quality dog food, that’s all you need to feed, right? Despite what many dog food companies tell you, the answer is NO!

Dogs weren’t intended to get all of their nutrients from a single food. Just like all mammals, dogs are meant to thrive on a range of different foods obtaining the unique nutritional benefits from each. They are not intended to eat "only chicken" or "only lamb" or any other food item for most of their life. Changing a pets food provides the nutritional variety they need in order to thrive."

Find additional information and all of your questions answered here:
We've switched completely to Rotations and won't ever go back!

And now, a GIFT for you! Please DO use this special Coupon Code - CINNAMON - during your checkout process to recieve 15 lbs. of Rotations FREE! This offer is also good for the 3 bag "Rotational Pack" (You pay shipping only).

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Have a furbulicious day and thanks for reading!


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